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Akita Neru by Suhathebat

This is a really cool piece with amazing shadow and light put in. I love the way you did the hair and the clothes and you put great col...

Just Kass by Art-Kombinat

You did an excellent job on this and strike a great pose to emphasis greatness and meaning. I can't think of the meaning right now, but...

Red sketch by dathie
by dathie

Well you did an amazing job making the feature of the body and the clothes and you did a somewhat amazing job on the detail on the shad...

Memories by magicwingsforever

First of al, the color has been done really and you integrate pattern within the color which is very cool that you did that. Next, is t...

Stop Hiding by Skye-Izumi

So I love the concept of this it isn't original that stuff hiding in your hair, because one their was a commercial and two axew hide in...

The Wizard and The Beast by shamanau

I love the detail of the dragon and the rock and the background. It is spectacular , but it that the guy was photoshop into it and feel...


racketify's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I consider myself as a kind person who want to be an animator and doesn't really have anyone in life just yet. I do have some really great friends here and in real life.

I love doing a little bit of everything and i am a variety type of artist to and all ways looking to try new style artwork like digital to pop-art to traditional and etc, and i hope you like everything i do. I love the people who favs my stuff, because it mean a lot and i love the people who thank me for faving their stuff and i would like to do it for everyone. Plus i would totally give you advice if i have time and as long it isn't something to read, but i won't do it on everything of yours.

Feel free to talk. Though i might get annoyed if i don't know you or i am too busy or not in the mood, though if i know you then of course.

I hope everyone take care and have a nice.

and i also have a youtube page as well so check it out, i did some animation, though i am just starting out as well, the link is down below.
A bunch of my college friend is putting together a conventional attack force, which will help people with got to event like wasabi con and stuff like that. Though i am not sure all the detail yet and how it will all go about, but it will be a start of something. 

Their a possibility that you have to help out and stuff as well, but i will keep you updated on what happen and i do not have link to facebook, twitter, youtube and tumblr is where tons of information will be put up, but i do not have the link of them yet, but it will happen. I only own this and youtube, so i can't directly help you with other site, but i hope you like what will be happening and stuff and will look forward to it as well.
So as of monday i am going back to college, though i haven't taken four classes since last year and i knew how much work that was, so if i am never on here until december, then i want to say that i will like all your artwork, but i won't be able to fav them, so if i come back, i might just delete them, even if i love them. Sorry but i probably have over 10,000 to look at, so i won't be looking at all of it.

On the bright side for a very few people. The people who has my email, just email if you want to talk, but only them, sorry. for the rest of amazing people, because you are amazing, though i will be in drawing four if and only if i have, and i will be putting my artwork here, so that probably the only time you see me, when i have new artwork, so it no that i won't ever be on till december, but i am not sure how much i can talk and look at stuff.

See you all amazing people.
Niimmy is an amazing artist, who been on here for three year and and want to showcase her best stuff and showing why this amazing artist need to be watch. 

this artwork is called Sayaka .:Silhouette: and it show how you can do a great print of a character or a outline and put together is such a way that it is amazing
Sayaka .:Silhouette:. by Nimmeh-The-Mouse
Ayame - Madoka Magica OC it has a great look to it and have great posture and great start in improvement from down the road.
Ayame - Madoka Magica OC by Nimmeh-The-Mouse
Madoka this is amazing how she made the top half body and i love that and she also have a great impression on him.
Madoka by Nimmeh-The-Mouse
New OC her original character which is amazing and it look great
New OC by Nimmeh-The-Mouse

Free Pikachu:3 ths is just such an adorable pickachu and it cute
Free Pikachu:3 by Nimmeh-The-Mouse
She continue making cute and cool stuff so go and check out her amazing stuff

I like all of these anime, because I watch them, but only a few of them can belong to my all time favorite
So here the list of the anime I watch respectively to multiple name for sequel and what not.
  1. 11 Eyes

  2. A Certain Magical Index (first season done)

  3. A Certain Scientific Railgun (Episode 12 Done)

  4. Air

  5. Angel Beat

  6. AnoHana

  7. Another

  8. Aria the Scarlet Ammo

  9. Attack on Titan (episode 17 Done))

  10. B Gata H Kei

  11. Blood-C (episode 2 done)

  12. Blue Exorcist

  13. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

  14. C Control

  15. Cat Planet Cuties

  16. ChaosHead (Episode 2 done)

  17. Clannad

  18. Clannad: After Story

  19. Code Lyoko (French anime series)

  20. Coyote Ragtime Show

  21. Deadman Wonderland

  22. Fairy Tail

  23. Fairy Tail 2014 (On going and all caught up)

  24. Fractale

  25. Full Metal Alchemist

  26. Guilty Crown

  27. Gurren Lagann (Episode 4 done.)

  28. H20 Footprints in the Sands

  29. Haganai 

  30. Haganai NEXT  (episode 9 done)

  31. Haibane Renmei

  32. Heaven Lost Property

  33. Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte

  34. High School of the Dead

  35. Kanon newer version

  36. Kaze No Stigma

  37. Kill la Kill

  38. Kokoro Connect

  39. Kyoukai No Kanata

  40. My Bride is a Mermaid

  41. My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy (Hilarious all the way through)

  42. Naruto

  43. Naruto Shippudeen ( On going and all caught up)

  44. No Game No Life (Done and hope for season 2)

  45. Okami-san

  46. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  47. Red Garden

  48. Rosario + Vampire

  49. RWBY (Youtuber anime by Rooster Teeth and started season 2)

  50. Sand of Destruction

  51. Sekirei

  52. Sekirei: Pure Engagement

  53. Shakugan no Shana

  54. Shangri-La

  55. Soul Eater

  56. Soul Eater Not (Spin-off of Soul Eater)

  57. Special A

  58. Strike Witches

  59. Sword Art Online (Season 2 on going and all caught up)

  60. Toradora!

  61. Trinity Blood

  62. True Tears

  63. Vividred Operation

  64. X

  65. Zatch Bell

                                             Other Anime I Watch When I Was A Kid
                                                (p.s. I don't care for them anymore)

1. Bakugan
2. Beyblade
3. Bo BO BO BO etc.
4. Digimon
5. Duel Master
6. Pokemon
7. Sonic X
8. Yu-Gi-Oh

American and Canada Cartoon I Watch and Some I Love

    1.     6teen

    2.     Animaniac

    3.     Avengers Assembled

    4.     Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes

    5.     Ben 10

    6.     Beware the Batman

    7.     Chaotic

    8.     Chowder

    9.     Class of 3000

    10.   Courage the Cowardly Dog

    11.   Dexter Laboratories

    12.   DreamWork Dragons

    13.   Duck Dodger and the 21st and a Half Century

    14.   Ed, Edd, and Eddy

    15.   Foster Homes for Imaginary Friends

    16.   Generated Rex

    17.   Green Lantern

    18.   Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy

    19.   Hot Wheel: Battle Force 5

    20.   Hulk and the Agents of Smash

    21.   Johnny Test

    22.   Kids Next Door

    23.   Loonatics Unleashed

    24.   Looney Tunes

    25.   Power Puffs Girl

    26.   Pup Named Scooby-Doo

    27.   Regular Show

    28.   Samurai Jack

    29.   Scooby-Doo

    30.   Shaggy and Scooby Get a Clue!

    31.   Starwars Rebels (Upcoming)

    32.   Starwars the Clone Wars

    33.   Static Shock

    34.   Stoked

    35.   Storm Hawk

    36.   Sym-Bionic Titan

    37.   Teen Titans

    38.   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Fast Forward

    39.   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

    40.   The Batman

    41.   The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    42.   The Spectacular Spider-Man

    43.   Thunder Cats

    44.   Tiny Toons

    45.   Tom and Jerry

    46.   Tom and Jerry Tales

    47.   Tron: Uprising

    48.   Ultimate Spider-man

    49.   Wander Over Yonder

    50.   What New Scooby-Doo

    51.   Xiaolin Showdown

    52.   Young Justice

Anime Movie I Watch

1. Howling Moving Castle (Love this very very much)
2. Ponyo (Love this very very much)
3. Spirited Away (Love this very very much)
4. The Secret Life of Arietty (Love this very very much and is my #1 movie so far)
5. Princess Mononoke (Love this very very much)
6. My Neighbor Totoro (Love this very very much and felt like ponyo for me)
7. Whisper of the Heart (Love this very very much)
8. The Cat Returns (Love this very very much)
9. Kiki's Delivery Service (Love this very very much)
10. Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Love this very very much)
11. Only Yesterday (This is my least favorite story of his, but it is enjoyable never the less)
12 Final Fantasy: Spirit Within
13. Final Fantasy: Advent Child
14. Resident Evil: Damnation (Up to you to consider this as an anime though Capcom is from japan so I consider it) 
15. Clannad: The Movie
16. All Naruto Movies
17. Fairy Tail: The Movie
18. Strike Witches: The Movie
19. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
20. Blue Exorcist or Ao No Exorcist Movies (It a really amazing movie and feel like a ghibi movie, but it ain't)
Short Anime Film I Watch

1. On Your Mark (This is technically a music video and a anime together)
2. Final Fantasy VII: The Last Order
3. Red Garden: Dead Girls
Marvel Anime Period
I consider this as anime when they did have this, but you may not consider it as anime. So one year they made anime relate marvel and it was showcase on the g4 channel and all of these I watch

1. Blade
2. Iron Man
3. Wolverine
4. X-men( this is the only one out the four I didn't watch all of)
and here a link to prove it, but you can still decided whether or not you consider it

Out of all of these, my top favorite are as listed and keep in mind that these aren't in any particular order.
1. Clannad (Very sad and lovable)
2. Kanon (Very sad)
3. Vividred Operation (Very entertaining)
4. AnoHana (Very sad and very good story line)
5. Strike Witches (Amazing story)
6. Fairy Tail (Funny, entertaining, and not to many filler unlike Naruto)
7. Fairy Tail 2014 (Just in case people count this as a different show)
8. Kyoukai No Kanata (Amazing story)
9. Angel Beat (Sad)
10. Haibane Renmei (All around good)
11. High school of the dead(I wish it finish though)
12. Air (Very Sad though the last two episode is recap of the show)
13. Puella Magi Madoka Magica(Great art, music, and story line)
14. Toradora! (Hilarious as heck and have many sad part as well. Great mix of both)
15. Deadman Wonderland ( Highly violent, entertaining, great story, and it feel like High School of the Dead, but better.)
16. Sword Art Online ( Very entertaining and unexpected path they took and love that as well)
17. Kill la Kill ( love it a lot and their are stuff that i unexpected and i love Mako)
18. Guilty Crown (I love the fact that many dies and it wasn't exactly a happy ending even though even work out in the en)

Couple of these I haven't finish just yet so I can't say I love them or not and I will continue to update this as more I watch.

Please give me a list of anime you watch and which one is your favorite in the comment section                                     

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The Comic Book by racketify
If you have a request and love what I do then ask me, though be warry, i only do them if i can and have time. 
If it something i really love then i definitely do it, and if it not it shaded then the price is half and then i return half the money or more if i think i didn't do good enough.

if you want an edit of a digital to look like something else through filter i do it for 10 point, though if it look good i keep the points, but you will get something unexpected     
most of these stuff will improve me and allow me to grow, though i do have a crappy camera so that why my traditional stuff is low though like pokemon,

If it complicated then points range from 100 to 300 and discuss term later and i won't submit anything unless i know you or i get payment, i will return points if i simplify and the price may drop to 50 points or below, because i ran out of time or want it to be easy.

The price will vary depend on what it is and if i can do it or not, so keep that in mind, but i would love to do request and i might do free, but i will have to know you or you have to be these people shadowliepard or Aenea-Jones or AyanoNoHikari and a few other, have special privileges to get free request, because i have do request with them in the past and if they want to give me points, i glady accept.

If i don't know or a little, then their is no way i am giving you a free request, because if you ask i will be deleting it without acknowledging. Unless I feel Courtesy 
Digital Coloring
Tensai Ikkyuu by racketify
Digital color will be 50 points and return you some if their no shading and return less if their little shading, a lot of shading then i keep all points.
My Version of Budew by racketify
My Version of Gengar by racketify
If you want be to do a pokemon, but it will be my style cost 20 points, because no shading and it easy to do.


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I love to have a premium membership, please help me, if you like my art. :)

p.s. the goal that is their doesn't get me close to premium membership i set it low thinking that will get people to donate more.

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