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Akita Neru by Suhathebat

This is a really cool piece with amazing shadow and light put in. I love the way you did the hair and the clothes and you put great col...

Just Kass by Art-Kombinat

You did an excellent job on this and strike a great pose to emphasis greatness and meaning. I can't think of the meaning right now, but...

Red sketch by dathie
by dathie

Well you did an amazing job making the feature of the body and the clothes and you did a somewhat amazing job on the detail on the shad...

Memories by magicwingsforever

First of al, the color has been done really and you integrate pattern within the color which is very cool that you did that. Next, is t...

Stop Hiding by Skye-Izumi

So I love the concept of this it isn't original that stuff hiding in your hair, because one their was a commercial and two axew hide in...

The Wizard and The Beast by shamanau

I love the detail of the dragon and the rock and the background. It is spectacular , but it that the guy was photoshop into it and feel...


It was a success not what i wanted, because i want 10 people, but i got 7 if you count me in all to be a part of it so i count i as a success.
So here the youtube video:

So here are all the people who are part of it.

So i hope everyone love it and thank you all who participate in it.

Website Design Layout by racketify
Website Design Layout
this is my first time making a layout for website design and this was made in my intro to multi media classes, so i hope you love it as much as i do.
Turning Gears by racketify
Turning Gears
This is the negative version of the circle of life piece i did and i hope you all love this version as well.

Valentine: date or no date. 

28 deviants said no date
12 deviants said date


racketify's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I consider myself as a kind person who want to be an animator. I do have some really great friends here and in real life.

I love doing a little bit of everything and i am a variety type of artist to and all ways looking to try new style artwork like digital to pop-art to traditional and etc, and i hope you like everything i do. I love the people who favs my stuff, because it mean a lot and i love the people who thank me for faving their stuff and i would like to do it for everyone. Plus i would totally give you advice if i have time and as long it isn't something to read, but i won't do it on everything of yours.

You can talk, but if i don't know you then i might get annoyed and not talk at all. I might also be too busy or not in the mood, though if i know you then of course, but good luck trying to talk to me out of the blue, if you just start to say hi out of no where. Though there are exception, but it very little.

I hope everyone take care and have a nice day.

and i also have a youtube page as well so check it out, i did some animation, though i am just starting out as well, the link is down below and i am doing a lot of other stuff their as of right now. So hope you like all that i do over their as well.
It was a success not what i wanted, because i want 10 people, but i got 7 if you count me in all to be a part of it so i count i as a success.
So here the youtube video:

So here are all the people who are part of it.

So i hope everyone love it and thank you all who participate in it.

Who want to join in and do a collab with me.
So here the deal the theme is kid power or something along the line of that.
So here is what i want from you if you participate with me.

    I want to make two video, but the first one will be as following.
   -I need your oldest drawing or drawing from you as a kid.
   - you only need to give me 1 or 2 but if you want to give me more it up to.

   - Second video will be your artwork from now that you really love and don't mind to be feature and it would called kid progressed or something along those line.

Some reason why you want to give me more is that you are technically being feature through a slideshow.

Here what i do for you in return, if you collab i will put you name in the description and or deviantart link. It up to you.

So who in.

If i get enough people then i will be posting a youtube video on devi in the near future.

So here is why i am doing this. I am doing this for couple reason.
1. Kids are very creative and have the most to gain at early age to be successful
2. If people watch my video it will emphasize kids can go out and be creative through other media instead of all the tech.
3. Lastly, it give recognition through out the community with the people that participate in the art, but in this case it around the world.

My goal is too get at least 10 people to submit artwork so i can have a big enough video.

Ask question if needed and i be happy to answer you.

So first question someone ask is what if my first drawing was when i wasn't a kid?

You can still be a part of the video and just give me the oldest one you can get if that is the case.
What would you do if you found me in your bed sleeping and pick all that apply to you.

1. kiss me
2. sleep with me
3. call the police.
4. hold me.
5. touch me where ever you want.
6. knock me off the bed.
7. lay on top of me.
8. lay on the ground.
9. do nothing
10. other ____________
Chose a color and see what happen.

White - I want a relationship with you.
Green - I am falling for you.
Purple - I miss you.
Orange - I really like you.
Pink - I love you.
Yellow - You are amazing.
Blue - You are friendly.
Grey - We need to talk more.
Silver - I want to get to know you better.
red - You are awesome.
Tan - I hate you.
You can pick additional color if desired.
Hot pink - We should kiss.
Neon green - kids in the future.
Rainbow - We need to go out on a date.
Neon blue - Being marry seems like a thing. 
Red violet - Pick a second color on top, because why not and you really can't choose anyway between two.
What would you do if you found me on the floor sleeping or passed out.

1. Kiss me
2. Squeeze my side
3. Pick me
4. Lay down with me
5. Put me in your lap and let me sleep there
6. Hold me tightly and don't let anyone touch me
7. Leave me
8. Try waking me up
9. Kidnap me
10. Sit next to me
11. Something naughty
12. Others.

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Thanks for the fave~♥
Sat Jan 17, 2015, 1:34 PM
everyone! it time to drop the beat
Wed Jan 7, 2015, 12:22 AM
hi! :D
Tue Jan 6, 2015, 4:52 AM
Mon Jan 5, 2015, 5:12 PM
Hello everybody
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The Comic Book by racketify
If you have a request and love what I do then ask me, though be warry, i only do them if i can and have time. 
If it something i really love then i definitely do it, and if it not it shaded then the price is half and then i return half the money or more if i think i didn't do good enough.

if you want an edit of a digital to look like something else through filter i do it for 10 point, though if it look good i keep the points, but you will get something unexpected     
most of these stuff will improve me and allow me to grow, though i do have a crappy camera so that why my traditional stuff is low though like pokemon,

If it complicated then points range from 100 to 300 and discuss term later and i won't submit anything unless i know you or i get payment, i will return points if i simplify and the price may drop to 50 points or below, because i ran out of time or want it to be easy.

The price will vary depend on what it is and if i can do it or not, so keep that in mind, but i would love to do request and i might do free, but i will have to know you or you have to be these people shadowliepard or Aenea-Jones or AyanoNoHikari and a few other, have special privileges to get free request, because i have do request with them in the past and if they want to give me points, i glady accept.

If i don't know or a little, then their is no way i am giving you a free request, because if you ask i will be deleting it without acknowledging. Unless I feel Courtesy 
Digital Coloring
Tensai Ikkyuu by racketify
Digital color will be 50 points and return you some if their no shading and return less if their little shading, a lot of shading then i keep all points.
My Version of Budew by racketify
My Version of Gengar by racketify
If you want be to do a pokemon, but it will be my style cost 20 points, because no shading and it easy to do.


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I would love to help other out, so give me point and i help the people who really need them when they need something small. :)

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